best artist in nigeria 2014

The multi talented fine artist ayeola ayodeji abiodun awizzy has once again won the award of best fine artist in Nigeria for 2014 during the just concluded art and portrait forum in America. An art exhibition that showcase the art, craft and culture of indigenous Nigerian art for Nigerians and Africans in diaspora. The seasoned fine artist and unbeatable visual arrtist: Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun has continue to make us proud and we will continue to support and pray for him at all time. Big contrates to him.

africa best painter. ayeola ayodeji 30 best artist in nigeria 2014

best artist in nigeria 2014

About the best Artist.

The visual artist Ayeola Ayodeji has been painting for decades now and bagged upper credit from the best art school in Nigeria. The School called Yaba college of Technology.

This is a young man that has been aspiring for best since his child hood and would never settle for less at any point in time.

The ranked artist and best artist in nigeria 2014.

best price for portrait painting in nigeria

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Starting from N15,000 to N150,000. Clients sends picture they want painted to awizzy official mail and strives to impresive this clients with beautiful masterpiece of art deeply rooted from the soil and soul of an African art icon and legend. Fine artist Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun Awizzy.