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Portrait Painting

portrait clip image009 No 1 artist in lagos nigeriaCommissioning of Portrait painting can never be any easier when you can view and pick your preferred option of size and price, send the picture via the website and get your Portrait Painting in days.
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Portrait Painting Video “The Makings”

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4 REAl Mr Ayeola Ayodeji Awizzy is the man, some will draw you , you will look like MONKEY or DOG or nameless shit. you either know how or you dont, full stop. your potrait on d way soon Ma sakeee.
Dearest IyaAfin
Such beautiful and affordable artworks. The artist that produce this work is great. God bless you!!!
Sally Ann Mattson


On the first of April 1985 a legend painter was born to the family of Ayeola Ayodeji Abiodun.

His talents knows no bound as he grow up and started exploring his special creative abilities and often times comes out as the best and number one artist and rather call it art student in his class.

A round of applaud for the noumber one fine artist in lagos nigeria Ayeola Ayodeji