whiteman-portrait painted in yoruba aso oke native dress by nigerian artist ayeola ayodeji abiodun awizzy

Chidinma Nkwota,
Edinburgh International West Africa
20 Elias Close
Victoria Island, Lagos.

art painting of a whiteman portrait painted in yoruba aso oke native dress-by nigerian artist ayeola ayodeji abiodun awizzy of abiodun ayodeji ayeola can be found on his official website http://www.awizzy.net/art-painting-paintings.php

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Portrait Paintings of a Whiteman Painted in Aso Oke Native Dress by ayeola ayodeji awizzy



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When we talk about uniqueness in delivering quality 100 percent art paintings deals in africa just give it to the reknown and popular nigerian artist ayeola ayodeji.

The unique art paintings of great top nigerian painter ayo.
art paintings for me started as an horby while growing up then I used to draw from imitation and drawing from comics book way back them.
I grew up loving art paintings in my nabourhood soo much that I got the inspiration to become a unique artist myself and grew up painting and practicing painting art technics to become very good and aspire to be better and better with every passing day.

art paintings is all I ever dream off and my passion.

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My painting art carear started early enough in life and I grow up becoming professional painter in nigeria and in african art rendering to the world of art globally.

painting art to meis simply life and I will do all my life without ever looking back.
painting art at it best in nigeria and africa. During an art exhibition held years back in nigeria in nigeria by ayeola ayodeji in conjuction with the society of nigerian artist called sna which was held in nike art gallery was so fantastic and very glamorious.

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